Farmbrook Drive EP

by Shirts Vs. Skins

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Our stories, set to music.


released July 28, 2012

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Brette Ciamarra at Studio 344, cover art by Siara Schaus.



all rights reserved


Shirts Vs. Skins Greensburg, Pennsylvania

2009-2015. Thank you for everything.

We were five kids with some stories to tell, if you've got the time to listen.


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Track Name: Farmbrook Drive
(As told by Megan)

We found ourselves on Farmbrook drive
I don't think we could feel more alive
Even if we tried
This is heaven on Earth this proves that fun exists
When we're away these are the things that I will miss

Enter into the world
Chugging up hills
Taking in life
And enjoying the thrills
I feel infinite, how about you?
Nothing's better than chilling with your crew

Driving down the road
Consumed by memories
I'll never let this go
Cause it means so much to me
These joys, these truths
These faithful friends
I put my faith in them

Friends in adventure mode
Finding a bowling ball by the road
When we're together, anything can happen
Life is perfection when we're sitting here laughing
Track Name: Terry Cruise Missile
(As told by Brenden)

Just say it
Cause you don't hide it like you think you do
You're transparent
And I'm so sick of what you put me through

Why can't you just be honest?
What do you have to gain?
You're so affected by other's perceptions
It's driving me insane

Why can't you just be honest?
Let go of what you do
I see through you like glass
And I'll break you too

I've been looking for something real to hold on to
These past few months
But you're making finding solid ground so hard
So shut up, shut up
Till you have something worth saying
Or I'll get up, get up
And leave you all alone with yourself to blame

Shut up
Or I'll get up

Don't you come to me
With your side of the story
It's crooked and warped
And if I wanted to know I'd ask

Lately it feels like Halloween came early
Cause everybody around me is wearing masks
Track Name: It Was Snowing (And You Suck)
(As told by Brenden)

I'm glad there aren't any streetlights on my street
Because the last thing I need was you looking right at me
While we sat in your car, and picked me apart
Over every little thing

You'll be better off
I'll be better off
Now that we hardly talk

With all things considered, this didn't turn out so bad
I wasn't expecting a teen movie ending anyway
It sucks that we don't talk much now
But I guess that's just how things turned out
But this is me, this will always be
So if you don't want to take it, it's probably best I leave

Now I see how it is from all the little things you let slip
About how stupid and antisocial I can act
And I know that it's true, still it makes me very sad
Because I would have changed for you and you know that.

I'm not what you're looking for, at least we both know that now
Because I hate parties and I can't dance, I'd rather just chill at your house
Tell me why it bothers you when I don't know your friend's names
Or when I can't tell your songs apart
To me they all sound the same
Track Name: Swamp Fever
(As told by Victoria)

I tried to tell
A story of how
Things between you and I
They didn't work out
But let's be honest
You messed up like never before
And I couldn't take it
Couldn't take it anymore

You fell for a moment
Felt for a moment
Then watched it fall away
And when it all came crashing down you came running
Back to me in shame
I had the guts to take you back
Despite the hurt and the pain
But when she came calling I was nothing,
Nothing to you again

You had so many excuses

Here's what you did
You lied
You didn't even try
To back it up
So suck it up
I wanna see you cry
And this is it
Oh I'm not even gonna try
To get you back because I know
It's your loss, not mine

So here we are
Standing in the dark
Hopeless with these endless fights that never seem to stop
I can't believe I was so dumb
Enough to let myself go numb
Enough to let you patch things up
For everything that's ruined these past months

So now you see
There is no more covering your tracks dear
So now you see
There is no more coming back to me my dear

Clearly you know nothing about me

But it's gonna be alright

I hope all of your dreams come true
With your sweetheart at your party school
Where you drink yourself away
Then find a job that doesn't pay
Knock her up
And settle down
Dead end living in your nice suburban house
And while your struggle to pay your debt I guarantee
You'll be thinking bout what you did
You''l be thinking, you'll be thinking
About me

But it's gonna be alright
Yeah, it's gonna be alright

I'd hate to say I'm vindicated, but I know I'm right
I won't spend another sleepless night
Trying to win this endless, useless fight
Cause I'm constantly reminded that it's your loss, not mine
So it's gonna be alright
Yeah I'm constantly reminded that it's your loss, not mine
Track Name: P.S.
(As told by Brenden)

I wonder if you would still remember
The looks I'd given you
The jokes we made or the songs that played
Or anything about that night we spent together

We happened to be talking a few days before
And you mentioned how your date wasn't what you had hoped
You told me find you, told me to be your way out
Is that all I was?
Or did you feel something more?

Cause when you took my hand in yours
From where they were on my hips
You turned and looked at me
And I swear
That I felt it

I should have taken my chances right there, right then
Never would I have thought that I'd hardly ever see you again
If there's one thing about that year I regret
It's never knowing if or what we could have
We could have
We could have been

We didn't come together
We only came as friends
Now I know, things are never that simple
And they certainly weren't in the end

That night was meant to be
Something for us to remember
And I don't think I'll forget the time
For a while I was yours and you were mine

I should have just spoken up
And said anything at all
I should have just kissed you
By the back wall
I should have just asked you
I know you'd have said yes
I should have done something,
Anything, before you left

Should have taken my chances right there, right then
Never would I have thought that I'd hardly see you again
If there's one thing about that year I regret
It's never knowing if or what we could have
Yes, we could have
Oh, we could have been
Track Name: The Get Up Noise
(As told by Brenden)

Girls like you aren't hard to find
Oh you, you are one of a kind
Don't take it as a compliment
Oh you, you are poisonous

I know what you're doing here
You need to get your hands off him
Cause I know they won't stay there,
You just want the attention

You know that maybe, you'll just drive him crazy
You need to stop leading him on
Cause he'd do anything
Yeah, he'd do anything for you
And it's sick how well you know that

You're nothing but a liar
Still you're getting what you want
Cause I'm calling you on the carpet
Giving you the spotlight
Look, you've even got a song

Gotta get this off my chest
The way you act is ridiculous
And I don't care if you've been down lately
The way you act is killing me
Tell me what you want right now
I'm sick of the maybe's and the doubts
Thoughts of you bringing me down
Make up your mind
So I can get you off mine