The Things We Leave Behind

by Shirts Vs. Skins

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The Things We Leave Behind was recorded in the summer of 2014.

This is a record about the last year of our lives. This is a record about dealing with being pushed apart by college and other commitments, about trying to find something positive in the wake of a loved ones passing, and about learning to understand why people change and come in and out of your life. This is a record about celebrating the people around you who make you who you are, about trying your hardest to right the things you've done wrong, and about never letting distance get between you and the ones you love.

This is a record about the things we leave behind.


released November 11, 2014

-Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Daniel Blake at The Schoolhouse in Armburst, Pennsylvania.
-Album art designed by Krystal Ritenour
-Guest vocals on track 5 by Josh Troiani
-Guest vocals on track 7 by Tyler Cramer
-String arrangements written and performed by Drew Bayura

-Track 3 is dedicated to the memory of Brion Maund. RIP brother.

To anyone who listens to this record and enjoys it, supports this band, or has helped us along the way, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

This is what we live for.



all rights reserved


Shirts Vs. Skins Greensburg, Pennsylvania

2009-2015. Thank you for everything.

We were five kids with some stories to tell, if you've got the time to listen.


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Track Name: Thin Air
It's like reality grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me
He said to me "this is it, do or die, time to decide",
And all those other cliches

Uncertainty is always what's killed me
I can learn to adapt, I'd just prefer not to have to
I've been skating by, pushing isolated incidents out of my mind

When my friends have to leave I make excuses, exceptions
I get so angry
Just because I'm scared they'll forget me

And for the first time, I'm not afraid of the things I can't control
We're taking a leap, we're ready to go
There's nothing left to hold

I don't know if and when I'll be ready to send someone off again
But I do know that it's gonna happen for sure,
Not that it worries me as much anymore

I've learned that the ones who matter will stay close,
Once they find what they've been looking for
Even if they don't come home

If you could would you put your life on hold and just stop time?
As if asking that will make everything feel alright
We were searching for never, but we can't stall at all anymore
So it's time to have faith in where we're headed, and the people we are

We can't be afraid anymore
Track Name: (Not All That Glitters Is) Golden
My head has been cluttered up so badly for so long
With the scraps of muffled memories and the things I've done wrong
Like when we sat downtown at the old cafe
And stayed up past your curfew way too late
We made the most of every single day
We didn't realize what couldn't stay

You were the only missing pieces
In the picture of life after all these changes

Then again, I was misunderstanding the things that made me happy
I left a hole inside my chest for months after you left me

I let myself grow distant and cold
Numb with having ruined something gold
I was almost gone without a trace
But now I've filled that empty space

And I believed that it was you
That made the difference in every single thing that I do

You're a high point on my timeline
You remind me of the best times

I'm seeing that it's not you I miss so bad
It's the memories for which you came to stand
When we didn't have a care in the world
When it didn't cross our minds that we'd grow old
Track Name: Virginia In The Winter
The drive down never seemed so long
Maybe that's because I hardly slept at all
When we left there was snow on the lawn
That was the first sign that something was so wrong

I've never seen the trees so bare
Or the sky anything but perfectly clear

This is me making a promise to stay closer to my closest
Because I never got to know you as well as I'd have liked to

It's been years since I've been here
I'm up to my knees in hazy memories
Of the times we've spent and the trips I'd neglect
When I grew up and got too busy
When I know I could have come if I'd tried
I just wish I would have known it'd be the very last time

Never once did I see my father cry

This is me saying I can't ever let anyone else go
Without remembering the last time that we spoke

At least you taught me by example not to take for granted
Or to waste the times with the ones I love, every single day

I'm gonna live every single day
Track Name: Nomad
I apologize if I seem distant
Or that I am not here right now
But you always say how much you miss it
Why don't you just come around?

This is the only way of getting through
I know you won't believe this, but I loved you like a brother
And it kills me that I never see you

It's even worse that I never hear your name
But I hope in time you'll do what's right
And soon enough it will be just like old times

It's not easy for me to say this
But I'm wishing you farewell
I hope to see you again sometime
And we can pick up where we left off
Track Name: Phantoms
I just can't win, and that's something I've come to terms with
Snow melts, summer fades, and old friends change in front of you

And the past seems to haunt me
I just can't let this go
Thought it'd be over by now but
I just can't let this go

So I'm holding on to what's left of me

You said you saw a ghost
And I laughed and said "it's only me here"
You looked me in the eye and then you said
"I know, I don't blame you. I hardly recognize myself.
These days are changing us all.
So hold your breath and count to ten.
Before you know it, this will be over."

"And we'll just be older."

So I'm holding on to what's left of me
I just wish I hadn't lost my grip on you

I said I saw a ghost
And you laughed and said "it's only me here"
I looked you in the eye and sighed and said
"I know, please don't blame me. I hardly recognize you anymore.
These days are changing us all, and the old you is dead and gone."

So hold your breath and count to ten
Before you know it, this will be over

And we'll just be older
Track Name: Demands Not Met
I am stuck here in between what I want and what I need
I want to stay here by your side, but get away and make my life

Oh, I'm so afraid

I guess what I'm trying to say
I'll be keeping you close, just to push you away
How do I find a way when there is nothing left to say?
There's nothing left to say

I want to grow, but never be old
I want to stay here with my friends, but change and grow
I guess I can't have them both

There's nothing wrong with loving what you have
Just understand in a second, it becomes "what you had"
So live wherever you land
And never be afraid to change the faces, places and hands

This town may not be a university, bright lights or the city
But this town is mine, and it's brought out the best in me
Though I hold nothing dear to me
You have brought out the best in me

I'm not afraid

I've grown up so slow, but gotten old so fast
Me and my friends said forever, I hope it can last

(I'm not afraid anymore)

Now I don't know what I want anymore, but of one thing I'm sure
The day you stop holding on is the day you don't have to anymore

It's time to move along
Track Name: Mission Statement
We may be growing up, but we're not growing out of this

Here it goes!

If I were to never sing again
Could I rest knowing all I had to say has been said?
Did I give back all the things she gave to me?
Did I pay forward all the help and opportunity?

I can't say that I have yet
But I've got fire in my chest
And it won't go cold till all my stories have been told

I owe it to the place where I cut my teeth
And all the people that left their mark on me
Without those times I know that I'd be nothing
They set the stage for me to become me

The echoes of the bands I saw when I was young
Still ring in my head like it was yesterday
If that's all I ever amount to, to be the hero for one kid
Then that's all I could have wanted

I've got to pass it on, this fire in my chest
And it won't go cold till all my stories have been told

This community raised me, gave me somewhere to be
Gave me a voice and a space and told me to speak free
Is it falling apart?
From lack of interest and the scars
Left by the people who walked out on their art

But I won't allow it go out that way
I want to prove that something perfect can stay
Track Name: Firefly
It's the most beautiful, sad thing
The best memories are the most heartbreaking

Like trying to catch a ghost with a net
Time slips right through your hands
And all you're left with is a heart that wants so much for the past
And an empty pair of hands
That want so much for the things you wish you still had

It hasn't been as nice at night these last few days
And the sky has turned a darker shade of grey
And it's true that I've been feeling colder, too
I can take comfort knowing I'll be warm when I'm with you

Though they aren't quite the same, they'll be shining just as bright in their own way
And I can't wait to see how brightly they will shine for you and me
Counting fireflies as they flicker out
It's something you'll never forget about
Just please remember, they'll be back like new in the summer

Just please, please remember
Track Name: Greensburg Alliance Youth
I was alone at 15, nowhere to go, nothing to be
I was taken in, no questions asked, to a place I'd never been

The only holy thing I'll ever need

When I first walked down 130 with some kids I barely knew
I never would have guessed what I was getting myself into

I never would have thought of it as a place for me to go
But I found myself saved by the followers, not the followed

Even in their insignificance, those choices make us
If it weren't for the little things, who knows where I'd be

Now I'm not one to believe
I don't have faith in the things that I can't see

But something from that place stuck with me
The love I was shown still runs so deep

A split second decision, I barely weighed my options
And here I am with those same kids today
Track Name: Fragile
I've been treading lightly around the things I'm scared I'll break
And I've been dodging questions about the plans I make
I don't have the answer for anything you'd say
I'll leave you hanging for a reply while I sit there with barren eyes

I've lost direction and I've burned up my map
The places I want to get to don't have a beaten path
I think I'm stuck here in all the things I love so much
And it's tough to have it cross my mind that they're just a crutch

I'm finding that sometimes what I need
Can't be found in the places I want to be
I've been walking on a thin sense of security

When I think back, I still remember
The last time I had to put myself back together
I never thought I'd see clearly again
But I need to chase what's best for me
And I need to keep on building

So I have faith I'll be alright one day
But it's not easy to step out of your old ways
I have faith I'll be alright one day
Take a swing in the dark

I'm just hoping to hit anything
Track Name: Accountability
Too many times I've found out far too late
That I've been treating someone wrongly without even seeing it
No matter how hard I try to be more aware of myself
I always seem to make a mess of someone else

And it hits me so hard
How I hurt them so bad

All I can hope is that everyone I know
Really feels the way they say they do about me
Although I know I step on toes, I feel it's worth it to mention
I swear I have the best of intentions

Every time I get to that turning point
I feel like I've been hit by a brick
When I see the damage I have done
It never fails to make me sick

Even though that I know to watch myself so close
Sometimes words and actions slip through cracks
And crush the things I care about most

All I can ask is honesty
If I fucked up, you've got to tell me what I did
Every single time
And I'll do all I can to make things right

I don't want to apologize another time for something I didn't mean
And every time I do, it gives you another reason not to believe
When I say that I didn't want for things to go this way
I'm left to hope that you'll understand, and that you'll want to stay

I don't want to apologize
Track Name: Dandelions
If I had known I might never see any of them again
I'd have made it a point to say goodbye before the end
All we wanted was to get out, and head off to somewhere new
And never would we have guessed we'd look back fondly on the past

But the familiarity of the faces
And every single one of those old places
Put my mind at ease in such a way
That I don't believe I'll ever feel again

I grew up with you all here in this little basement room
I felt your hearts break, and I watched our youth bloom
I split my knuckles open wide in frustration and anger
But at the root of it all, is the thought of us becoming strangers

And I still always think I see them
Maybe it's just wishful thinking
But I swear I see the ghosts of people
I wish I could still see

And if the wind decides to take you far away from home
I hope wherever you end up, you're doing so well

Here they are, adrift in my mind
With all the other things we leave behind