Thin Air

by Shirts Vs. Skins

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Thin Air is the first track from our 2nd full length record that will be released later this fall. That record will be called The Things We Leave Behind. This song is the opening track because it best represents our mindset while writing this record. This is our overture.

This is a song about where we were all left in the wake of real life pushing us apart and taking us our separate ways. This is a song about how we aren't afraid of where we are headed, and how we will always be connected through this band, and all that we've done together. This is a song about not letting the future scare you.

This is a song about walking off the edge of everything you've known, and stepping out into thin air.

Help us spread the word about The Things We Leave Behind. Coming Fall 2014.


It's like reality grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me
He said to me "this is it, do or die, time to decide",
And all those other cliches

Uncertainty is always what's killed me
I can learn to adapt, I'd just prefer not to have to
I've been skating by, pushing isolated incidents out of my mind

When my friends have to leave I make excuses, exceptions
I get so angry
Just because I'm scared they'll forget me

And for the first time, I'm not afraid of the things I can't control
We're taking a leap, we're ready to go
There's nothing left to hold

I don't know if and when I'll be ready to send someone off again
But I do know that it's gonna happen for sure,
Not that it worries me as much anymore

I've learned that the ones who matter will stay close,
Once they find what they've been looking for
Even if they don't come home

If you could would you put your life on hold and just stop time?
As if asking that will make everything feel alright
We were searching for never, but we can't stall at all anymore
So it's time to have faith in where we're headed, and the people we are

We can't be afraid anymore


released September 9, 2014
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Blake at The Schoolhouse.



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Shirts Vs. Skins Greensburg, Pennsylvania

2009-2015. Thank you for everything.

We were five kids with some stories to tell, if you've got the time to listen.


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